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Xena: Warrior Princess used to be a great TV show, IMO, and it attracted a remarkable bunch of fans. I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to watch the show, and even more fortunate to have discovered the fans. In more ways than one the Xenaverse made a real difference in my life. However, unfortunately, I find that the show is no longer at all what it was, to my perception, anyway. The fifth season has really only had scattered moments that gave me the kind of feeling I used to get watching X:WP... perhaps slightly more than one episode's worth in the whole season up until Punch Lines. Really Seeds Of Faith was the last straw for me - I felt entirely that I was watching something I wanted no part of any more.

So... with regret, I'm moving away from the Xenaverse. I can't really consider myself a fan of the show anymore - not the current show... although I remain as much of a fan as ever of the show that used to be. I'm unsubscribing from the main Xena lists, although I'm staying on a couple of smaller lists where a significant proportion of the members have become personal friends. There are folks on the big lists I consider friends too, and I hope they consider me the same way, and I hope I don't lose touch with them... but given the way I feel now, I think the time has come for me to sign off. Lucy used to say she was a "recovering Catholic"... I guess now I'm a "recovering Xenite".

This website will be staying up for the time being, but no more updates will be taking place, and ultimately perhaps the most useful material (the wallpapers and the credits database) may find another home. I don't think I'll be writing about the show any more... unless perhaps at some point I feel drawn to do something retrospective.

In any case... thanks to everyone who has made my stay in the Xenaverse so pleasant... and thanks to the production staff, writers and performers who created the show that started it all.

Battle On!

P.S. I invite you to check out my other websites... my poetry, and my MP3 FAQ (they don't have anything directly to do with Xena, however...)

What's New on This Site

Nov. 28th: Xena Credits - Updated to Little Problems

Nov. 28th: Hercules Credits - Updated to Full Circle

Sept. 29th: Xena Trivia Challenge - Added Sally Dye to the Trivia Hall of Fame

Sept. 29th: Landmarks of the Xenaverse - Fixed up some links

Sept. 29th: Xenada home page - Updated websites of the Xenadians

Sept. 29th: Digital Mantelpiece - Bardella was kind enough to give my site an award

July 12th: Wallpapers Page 26 - 20 more wallpapers added

July 11th: Xena Trivia Challenge - Added Steven Hurtado to the Trivia Hall of Fame

July 3rd: My writings about the show - Maundering, cast notes, etc. added

July 1st: Wallpapers Page 25 - 20 more wallpapers added

June 28th: Wallpapers Page 24 - 20 more wallpapers added

June 28th: Wallpapers Page 23 - 18 more wallpapers added

June 12th: Pay me a Virtual Visit - Updated with better pics and expanded

June 12th: Wallpapers Page 23 - 1 more added (Xena/Gab montage)

June 1st: Wallpapers Page 23 - 13 more wallpapers added

June 1st: Wallpapers Page 22 - 20 more wallpapers added

June 1st: Wallpapers Page 21 - 7 more wallpapers added

The Mantelpiece
A couple of people have been kind enough to give my site awards, so I had to find a place to put them... so here you can view my digital mantelpiece.

Now home to the XENADA Canadian Xenite Mailing List

Hi, my name's Xorys, and this is my Xena Warrior Princess page. If you want to see another side of me altogether, you can go and read my poetry - but be warned, none of it's directly connected to Xena in any way.

This is my own little corner of the online Xenaverse. It's just a personal effort, and it's always under construction, so don't expect too much.

This is a strictly fannish enterprise and is in no way intended to dispute, compromise or infringe upon the property rights of the owners and creators of the TV show "Xena: Warrior Princess", which is is exclusively distributed in domestic syndication by USA Networks Studios and internationally by Universal Television & Networks Group. See their
Official Xena Warrior Princess Page.

Pay me a Virtual Visit

OK, this is a new little feature I've added to my site... and frankly, I guess you could say it's pretty pointless. Basically it's just an invitation to have a look at where I live and work, and to see some of my Xena stuff. If that's sounds interesting enough to spend a few minutes of your time on, then click on the link, and pay me a visit.


Stuff I've written about the show
My maunderings about Xena: Warrior Princess (and HTLJ a bit), and notes on "Who was who" in the eps, etc. *** Added July 3rd!

XENADA Canadian Xenite Mailing List Home Page *** Updated July 1st!

Xorys' Ultimate Xena Trivia Prize Challenge
Think you know the Xenaverse - prove it! The main Prize Challenge is now over, and the Australian Bonus Prize has been won, but you can still enter for the Trivia Hall Of Fame!

Xorys' first Xena Wordsearch Prize Challenge! *** Sorry - Prize has been won!!

Xorys' Second Xena Wordsearch Prize Challenge! *** Sorry - Prize has been won!!

Xorys' first Xenaverse Cryptic Crossword *** New feature, May 7th!

And now, just when you thought it was safe Xenaverse Cryptic Crossword II *** New May 10th!

OK, I'm at it again - Xenaverse Cryptic Crossword III *** New June 23rd!

Xenaverse Cryptic Crossword IV - A Day In The Life *** New July 9th!

800x600 Desktop Art Wallpapers *** New Nov. 9th!
Something a little different... instead of just nice full screen photos of our heroes etc, these wallpapers go in for a variety of "artsy" effects. It's hard to describe exactly what I mean - just have a look at them.
Go To Art Wallpapers Page 1 *** 1 added Nov. 28th! And 5 more Nov. 29th!
Go To Art Wallpapers Page 2 *** 6 added Jan. 16th!

800x600 Desktop Wallpapers *** Now 495, on 26 pages.
Go To Wallpapers Page 1 *** This page has the links to the wallpaper changer software on it.
Go To Wallpapers Page 2
Go To Wallpapers Page 3
Go To Wallpapers Page 4
Go To Wallpapers Page 5
Go To Wallpapers Page 6
Go To Wallpapers Page 7
Go To Wallpapers Page 8
Go To Wallpapers Page 9
Go To Wallpapers Page 10
Go To Wallpapers Page 11
Go To Wallpapers Page 12
Go To Wallpapers Page 13
Go To Wallpapers Page 14 *** 19 more NEW Jan. 1st!
Go To Wallpapers Page 15 *** 20 more NEW Jan. 13th!
Go To Wallpapers Page 16 *** 12 more NEW Jan. 13th! And 8 more Mar. 11th!
Go To Wallpapers Page 17 *** 23 more NEW Mar. 11th!
Go To Wallpapers Page 18 *** 6 more NEW (Maxim pics) Mar. 13th! And 13 more Mar. 16th!
Go To Wallpapers Page 19 *** 17 more NEW Mar. 19th! And 3 more Mar. 28th!
Go To Wallpapers Page 20 *** 20 more NEW Mar. 28th!
Go To Wallpapers Page 21 *** 9 more NEW Apr. 21st! And 7 more Jun. 1st!
Go To Wallpapers Page 22 *** 20 more NEW June 1st!
Go To Wallpapers Page 23 *** 1 NEW June 12th! And 18 more June 28th!
Go To Wallpapers Page 24 *** 20 more June 28th!
Go To Wallpapers Page 25 *** 20 more July 1st!
Go To Wallpapers Page 26 *** 20 more July 12th!

Win95 Start / Shutdown Screens *** 6 New animated screens added Sept. 20th!

Xena Theme Sheet Music for Flute or Similar Instrument *** Tinkered with yet again Sept. 24th!

Hercules Theme Sheet Music for Flute or Similar Instrument *** NEW Sept. 24th!

Other Xena Stuff for Windows - Screensavers, Themes *** Updated July 25th!

X:WP credits sorted by actor, role and episode *** Current to Little Problems, as of Nov. 28th!

HTLJ credits sorted by actor, role and episode *** Current to Full Circle, as of Nov. 28th!

Landmarks of the Online Xenaverse - My Xena Links *** Updated December 9th!

Site History and Details

Originally the main raison d'etre of this page was to make available some Xena wallpapers and Win95 start-up and shutdown screens that I had created / collected, and these are still a major part of what's here. The wallpapers especially have expanded quite a bit since I started, and I keep scanning and editing new ones as and when I can find good material.

I added a page of music for a little arrangement I did of the Xena Theme for flute or similar melody instrument.

By request I added a page with links to other stuff to Xenatize your PC with - Screensavers, Win95 Desktop Themes... There's a theme I cobbled together myself there too.

As of May 1998 I added output from a database of X:WP actor/writer/director credits that I've put together. I've put the data up sorted by individual, by role and by ep. So if you want to know who played what in which ep, or where you saw that warlord before, check it out. It ain't complete and it ain't perfect, but I'll keep trying to improve it - and you can help: if you find errors, or know extra credit info, email me at xorys@idirect.ca

Also in May, I launched another venture - a couple of Cryptic Crosswords based firmly in the Xenaverse. Jennifer posted a message to ATX with the url for her Vanishing Act puzzle (link on my puzzle pages), and after completing hers, I couldn't resist having a go myself. Mine are general Xenaverse puzzles, not related to any specific ep, and they're Cryptic Crosswords in what I think of as the old newspaper tradition. If you're a Xenite into Cryptic Crosswords (I hope I'm not the only one), check them out!

On June 14th 1998 the Xenada mailing list for Canadian Xenites was launched, and I put the home page of the list up here. If you're a Xenite living in Canada, or coming to Canada, or just want to chat with Canadian Xenites for some other reason, go to the Xenada page and join us on the list.

On June 23rd I added Xenaverse Cryptic Crossword #3.

On June 26th I revamped the look of the site, changing the background and colours... I hope everybody finds the new version attractive and readable. Let me know if you have any problems viewing any of the pages.

On July 9th I added Xenaverse Cryptic Crossword #4 - based on the ep A Day In The Life. Jennifer has added to her ep-based puzzles too - so check out her page again!

In July 1998 I did a couple of Wordsearch Puzzle Challenges, offering a custom-made tee-shirt (and a little glory) as prize - the first of these was won within 5 hours of posting, the second within about 24 hours.

On September 5th I finally (after weeks of preparation) posted my Xena Trivia Challenge. This is open until October 9th, when prizes will be given for the four top-scoring entries. So if you think you're good as Xenaverse Trivia, check it out!

On September 12th I added a link to my poetry, which I have put up on another site.

On September 20th I added 6 new animated Windows start-up screens, having finally got around to figuring out how to do that palette animation thing.

On September 24th I added sheet music for an arrangement of the theme to Hercules The Legendary Journeys, similar to the one I did for the Xena theme, and I also fixed the accidentals in the last few bars of the Xena theme

On Oct. 6th I joined the Canadian Xenites/Herculean Web Ring - I'm all for anything that helps Canadian Xenites to get to know one another!

On Oct. 9th my main Trivia Prize Challenge closed, however I announced the Australian Bonus Prize and the Trivia Hall Of Fame.

The Australian Bonus Prize was won in November 1998. All the winners and additional qualified trivia freaks are now up in the Trivia Hall of Fame.

In December 1998, I added the "Art Wallpapers" feature.

In January 1999, I finally bit the bullet and put together a set of HTLJ credits, in addition the the X:WP ones I was already maintaining.

If you're not already thoroughly familiar with the online Xenaverse, be sure to check out the 'landmarks' page.

And who knows what else I might add, if inspiration strikes me, and other forms of reality don't eat all my time... Perhaps more crosswords? Perhaps my own contribution to illustrated scripts, like Salspua's (see the 'landmarks' page)? If there's something Xenite that you'd like to see on the web and never have, then drop me a line with a suggestion...

This Canadian Xenite/Herculean Web Ring site is owned by Xorys.

Want to join the Canadian Xenites/Herculean Web Ring? Click here!

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If you have any comments or suggestions, email me at xorys@idirect.ca

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