Xorys' Xena Warrior Princess Win95 Start / End Screens

New! Animated Start up screens! See below.

These are Start up and Shut down screens for Windows 95. I have made them available here as zipped BMP files, because Windows is very picky about the precise format of these files. To use any of these screens, download the zip file and then extract the BMP image from it. Then you must put the BMP image in the right directory and rename it to the right name. You will first have to rename any existing file of the same name that you already have in the directory (i.e. your existing start-up or shut-down screen).

To use as a start-up screen, put the BMP image in the root directory of your boot drive and name it 'logo.sys'.

To use as a 'please wait' shut-down screen, put the BMP image in your Windows directory and name it 'logow.sys'.

To use as a shut-down completed screen, put the BMP image in your Windows directory and name it 'logos.sys'.

To download the screens, click on the thumbnail, and then save the zip file; then unzip it to extract the BMP image. See above for placing and naming the BMP images to activate them as Start up and Shut down screens.

OK, the screens above are all straight static images. Below are several versions of a couple of my favourite Xena startup screens with animated colour features. The first two feature simple animated lines - a red line down the right hand side of the screen and a blue line across the bottom of the screen. The others get a little more ambitious, animating the "Xena" logo, Xena's sword, and the sea, and culminating in the last one, for which I'd have to say the only adequate word is "psychedelic" ;<} To see the animation effects, download the screens and install them as described above to be your system start-up screen (animated effects don't work on the shutdown screen).

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