Xena Warrior Princess Theme Music

OK, famous last words... I said the previous version was the last version, but I realised that the accidentals in the last couple of bars were definitely wrong, so I've fixed them, which makes the ending sound much better... otherwise I've left it alone, even though I know the time signatures are not really right. The story so far:
I play the flute (actually antique and ethnic flutes, all made of wood - not the modern silver job) and I wanted to play the Xena theme, so I sort of arranged it. Originally I did it without a time signature or bar lines. Then I redid it, notated more formally - however I was sure I hadn't got the time notation quite right, so I asked for advice from anyone more expert than me on the timing.
Kato sent me a helpful note, indicating that the fast sections (the bits sung by the women's choir) should be in 7/8 time. However, I tried, but I was d***ed if I could either notate or play the thing properly in 7/8 time.
So... I gave up the quest for 'authenticity'. And created the music below, which is a version that made sense and worked for me. If you play it as written I think you'll agree it's quite pleasant, and catches the tune nicely, even if it isn't quite the way it's performed on the show. It's suitable for playing on the flute, recorder (kazoo? melodica?) or even for whistling - as Xena herself was doing in FF&G.
I've since bought the commercially available piano music, so I know how the proper timing goes now, but I've kept this version around, because it's nice and simple for playing on the flute.

If you enjoy this, check out the similar arrangement of the theme to Hercules The Legendary Journeys, if you haven't already done so.

The music below is a GIF image, only 18k. Just right click on it and save it to your disk, then print it with your favourite graphics package.

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