Xena Warrior Princess Cryptic Crossword # 1

OK, this is my first stab at an Xenaverse based cryptic crossword. Inspired by Jennifer's lead with her Vanishing Act puzzle, I couldn't resist having a crack (see Jennifer's puzzles at her Xena page). Jennifer kindly volunteered to serve as a guinea-pig by completing a pre-release version of this puzzle, and her comments have contributed towards the final version you see below. Any faults and limitations are, of course, my responsibility. As you will probably be able to tell, I am not an experienced crossword creator. Please let me know if this puzzle is too easy, too difficult, erroneous in Xenaverse lore, whatever... by emailing me at xorys@idirect.ca.

You are also welcome to email me at the above address to request hints, or a solution. Any comments at all are most welcome.

One final word: this is a Xenaverse puzzle! If you don't know your Xenaverse well, you won't be able to complete it!

The puzzle below is a GIF image, only 37k. Just right click on it and save it to your disk, then print it with your favourite graphics package.

And now, the sequel: Xena Cryptic Crossword # 2

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