Xena Warrior Princess Wordsearch Challenge #1

Prize Challenge - Win a (largely symbolic) Prize!!

Sorry - the prize has been won!
And the winner is:
the very smart, and fast, Kirsti Reeve of the UK
who will be getting her t-shirt soon...

So, I'm afraid the puzzle is just "art for art's sake" now - but give it a try anyhow, if you enjoy that sort of thing!

OK, here's something new to amuse you, entertain you, allay XWS, (annoy you??)...

Below is a wordsearch puzzle. Hidden in the 20 x 20 matrix of letters are 71 words from the Xenaverse. Every word in the puzzle has appeared as a character name on X:WP - so that should keep it nice and simple. And if you have any doubts what I consider the spellings of characters names to be, you can check out my credits database. The 71 words that are hidden in the puzzle are listed underneath the puzzle matrix - but just to make things a bit more difficult for you, they're scrambled up! The words are hidden in the puzzle in all possible directions - left to right, right to left, up, down, and all possible diagonals, including reverse diagonals. If you find all the words in the puzzle, you will have 22 letters left which aren't used in any word - and if you read those unused letters off, left to right, top to bottom, they will spell out a 'hidden phrase'.

A prize was offered for the first person to email me a correct solution to this puzzle - and it has already been won, by the very perspicacious and speedy Kirsti Reeve of the UK!

OK, OK, not a terribly exciting prize... after all, we weren't in this for the money, were we? ;-} The prize was that I would make a custom tee-shirt for the winner, with a Xenite image and message of their own choosing on it, and mail it to them. And also having their name or handle put up on this page to let everyone know how clever (determined? bloody-minded? profligate with their time?) they are.

So, sorry, the prize challenge is over for this time... but feel free to email about the puzzle, its solution, or related matters, at xorys@idirect.ca.

The puzzle below is a GIF image, only 23k. Just right click on it and save it to your disk, then print it with your favourite graphics package.

Oh... and if you just dropped by for the wordsearch challenge, please check out the rest of my site as well: Xenada Canadian Xenite Mailing List, 800x600 wallpapers,Win95 Start-up/Shut-down Screens, screen-savers & desktop theme, Xenaverse Crosswords, flute music, credits database, links...

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