Xorys' Landmarks of the Online Xenaverse

News Update: I fixed this page up again on Sept. 29th 1999. Didn't add anything new, but I fixed the URLs for some sites that have moved...

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I'm not trying to be wildly original here, so if you're an experienced online Xenite then I doubt you'll find much here that you're not thoroughly familiar with. If, however you wandered in here without much experience of Xena and Gab and friends and enemies online, then be prepared for some seriously good stuff.

These are what, for me, have been the major landmarks of the online xenaverse - the unmissable sites that should probably be in any devoted Xenite's bookmarks (or 'favorites' if you browse with that other company). If you feel your site should be here and it isn't, please don't be affronted: I probably just missed it somehow;<} Drop me a line - I'd be glad to know about it (or for any other comments you'd care to make).

Email me at xorys@idirect.ca

The Links

The Hub. The central resource for trying to track down things Xenite on the web. Could lead you to so much X:WP stuff online that you never have time for anything else in your life again, including eating, sleeping and actual live people. Watch out! ;-}
THE HISTORY OF XENA: Warrior Princess
This page is actually on the XENA ONLINE RESOURCES site, but I have never figured out how to get to it from their main page, so I think its worth a link in its own right. A good solid (and continuing) attempt to put all the facts from the various eps together and summarize the overall history of Xena's life.
The Hercules & Xena Search Engine
OK, the Hercules & Xena Search Engine is back, but in a somewhat reduced form. This new version only searches the entries at Xena Online Resources (see above), rather than attempting to search the actual pages themselves... so if you know the title of the page you want, then you should be able to find it, or you may find things by major keywords, but if you need to search for fairly specific things, I guess it's back to Altavista or Hotbot or Infoseek to try and locate those hard-to-find Xena pages...
A major resource for writing about the show and related issues: an extensive faq, detailed cast of characters, one of the best episode guides, airing schedules, news, gossip and rumours, and articles from the lite to the truly scholarly about all sorts of aspects of the xenaverse.
KNerys' Xena:Warrior Princess Web Page - Well sadly, Knerys' site is now in limbo... it's still available, but Chris Knerys' has a new job, and is not feeling so good about the show, and her new service provider didn't work out... so although there's a lot of stuff there, the site's not being actively maintained any more.
One of the first Xena sites I visited and spent a lot of time on, and one I continue to visit often. Tons of well organized, good quality screen captures, animated GIFs, monthly X:WP themed calendars to download and print out, scanned articles and more.
Tom's Xena Page - Back up again in its entirety on a new server, happily... And CONGRATULATIONS to Tom and Betsy (of Whoosh) on their recent marriage!
Tom's site is huge! It has a bit of everything for the Xenite. A major endeavour. I don't think I've ever got around to all the pages on there. Be sure to check out Tom's tips on xenatizing your PC, if you like that kind of thing.
Logomancy's XENA Pages
Logomancy ia a major site with lots of stuff, covering all the categories. It now seems to be pretty much entirely recovered from the big server crash that really messed it up a while ago. Logomancy and Tom's are probably the two biggest Xena fan sites out there!
Ryan Black's Unofficial Web-Site of Xena: Warrior Princess - moved
Ryan's site is especially strong on audio. He has some great midi's he's done of X:WP tunes. He also has neat stuff for your PC and some good images. And more.
Salspua's script adaptations of X:WP episodes. Not to be missed. Original scripts formatted and illustrated with captures.
The Athenaeum @ xenafiction.net (formerly The Xenaverse Codex: The bardeyes & xenabat Library)
Fanfic central! If fan fiction is your thing, this is the place to start. If you write yourself, submit your stories for indexing by them.
Xena/Hercules Official Fan Clubs
The home page for the Official Herc and Xena fan clubs. Not a mass of material on the site itself, but the place to keep in touch with what the clubs are up to (cons, merchandise, etc.)
The Encyclopedia Xenaica
A mass of information. Definitions, informative and often hilarious, of just about every X:WP term you could ever think of (and some that it's hard to imagine anyone would think of). Can answer many questions, and a hoot too!
ATX Central - the "Links Directory" for ATX Newsgroup (Home Page)
The web home for the famous (infamous? notorious?) alt.tv.xena usenet group. A must visit. Intro to alt.tv.xena and related groups, faqs, invaluable list of acronyms (so you'll actually know what people are talking about - most of the time, at least), background to the groups, related links.
- the toob -
Not strictly an X:WP related site at all, but if you live in Ontario, Canada as I do (yes this is a Canadian site!), then this is the place to go to get your online searchable TV listings. Specify your cable provider, anywhere in Ontario, and get full, annotated, searchable listings complete until the end of the following week. Find out exactly which eps are airing on which channels when! (And find other obscure shows and movies that are next to impossible to dig out of the cryptic printed listings.)
Xena Subtext Comics
Something a little different, and a lot of fun. Single panel and multi-panel scenes of our fearless heroes in a variety of situations, with pop-up speech balloons to put words into their mouths. As the name implies, the focus is towards the subtext, and on the humorous side. Perhaps not in accord with everybody's take on the show... check it out, anyhow. Works best with a Java enabled browser (you can still view the content without Java, but the pop-up effect doesn't work so neatly).
MaryD's Corner - The Australian Xena Information Page
MaryD's site has all sorts of things... For one thing, despite being located down-under, Mary always seems to be the first to pick up the latest thing in the xenaverse - so this is a great site to check for the latest in the way of screen-caps from promos, talk-show appearance, etc. Also be sure to check out Mary's own artwork - her montages are famous. And there's lots of other stuff too... convention photos, cartoons, other artwork, news and rumours, media files, fanfic.....
Matt & Kim's Hercules and Xena Page
Screen Caps, Scans, RealVideo, Fan Art, Sounds, Articles and Star Features for both X:WP and HTLJ. This is an old friend resurrected under a new URL. Welcome back, Matt and Kim!
Gabbygab & Mariner's Look at Xena: Warrior Princess
Always worth a visit. Episode Descriptions, Articles, Sounds, Videos, Pics, Fanfic... and see the special features: Mariner's Photo Art, A Look At Lao Ma and Taoism, and reviews of Xena related books by Gabbygab.
ROCfanatic's Xena Page
A relatively new page, with a few rough edges, but a lot of work's gone into it! Pics, Montages, Videos, Fanfic, Polls, Fanfic, Articles...
Beth Gaynor's Rate-A-Xena page is my favourite fan-feedback page. Hey, it's not scientific, but it's a lot of fun! Vote for your own rating of the Xena eps, and check out all sort of info about ratings and statistics.
XenaMedia.Com - The Xena online news and media resource
An ambitious site that tries to take the pulse of everything the media are saying (and showing) about Xena! News and advance alerts, online chats, TV appearances, articles, conventions, with special features on each of the major stars. If you want to find out more about any media feature on X:WP or one of the stars, Xenamedia is a good place to start.
Fourth Horseman's Xena QuickTime Archive
Fourth Horesman's Quicktime Archive is back! The biggest collection of Xena quicktime movies on the net. If you're looking for a video clip, this is a great place to head to.
Todd's Ultimate Xena Costume
If you're looking to buy your very own Xena costume (and you've got somewhere from a few hundred to a thousand dollars US to spend), this is the one I'd recommend. But even if you can't afford to drop that kind of cash, this site's still worth a visit. Todd sells every component of his costume separately, in various states of finish, and he'll even sell you designs, so you can work on making your own. And if you just want to see pics showing all the details of Xena's costume, those on this site are about the best out there...
WarriorHeart & Witchblade's Xena Page
Home of Zwolf's Spoilers (great write-ups on the eps, insightful and funny - well worth a visit), also desktop icons, animated gifs, images, sounds, fan art...

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