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OK, so you've got a bunch of Xenite wallpapers, and a program to put up a fresh one each time you boot your PC (if you haven't then go here), and if you're running Win95, you've got Xenaverse startup and shutdown screens (here). So what else can you do to Xenatize your PC. Well you could get a Xena screensaver, and new cursors, and nifty sounds and icons while you're at it.

BTW Desktop Themes are just collections of sounds, cursors, icons etc. and you can still use the items in them, even if you don't have Desktop Themes per se (which come with Microsoft PLUS!). Also on Tom's site (see link below) you'll find a link to a utility that lets you use themes without PLUS!

This is not stuff I created. It's just pointers to where you can find good stuff that other folks have put together. The only thing on here that's sort of mine is the Win95 desktop theme "Xorys' Desktop Theme" - and even that consists mostly of bits that other people made, put together and assigned functions by me. I put this theme up, because, I humbly suggest, you can actually live with it for day after day, even if you work on your PC constantly (as I do). It doesn't include wallpaper or a screen saver, since those are already dealt with separately on my pages. I do suggest using the colours stored in the theme, but naturally that's your choice - try them out anyhow. To use the theme, download the zip file by clicking on the link below, then unzip it into your themes directory (usually \Program Files\Plus!\Themes\); when you unzip it you must select the 'Use Folder Names' box (if you are using Winzip) or use the '-d' option with pkunzip: a folder called "Xorys Xena Theme" will be created and all the content will go into that folder except for the file "Xorys Xena Theme.Theme" and the Readme file which will go into the Themes directory itself. Then you can just double click on "Xorys Xena Theme.Theme" or select "Desktop Themes" from the Control Panel to use the theme.

Please note that themes tend to be largish downloads: this one is just under 1Mb.

Download Xorys' Xena Theme for Win95

Where to get other Xena Desktop Themes for Win95

Tom's site has 4 Xena Themes onsite, and links that will take you to 36 more. It's probably the best place to go to get Xena Themes, and there's all sorts of other interesting stuff on Tom's Win95 page too.

Xena related Win95 Desktop Themes at Tom's

Where to get Xena Screensavers

Cool Pixels Xena / Gab Win95 Screensaver Temporarily offline - see below
My personal favourite: Chris Jeffrey's Cool Pixel based Win95 screensaver. This saver has two modules, one Xena, one Gab, which you can either chose exclusively, or alternate, or have come up randomly. Each features music, excellent animation and voice comments against a black screen. Sound can, of course, be disabled if you don't want it. If you have Win95 you have to check this one out - you'll be hard pressed to find a better screensaver anywhere.

Chris Jeffery, who wrote the Cool Pixels screensaver development system seems to be having some problems with his web site at the moment. He says:

"The Screensaver Gallery is temporarily out of action. It will be returning as soon as the technical problems have been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience."

I'm afraid I don't really have the space and bandwidth to mirror things as big as the Cool Pixels screensaver on my site. However, you can still get the Cool Pixels Xena screensaver, since Tom has it mirrored on his site... goto screensavers at Tom's (where you can also download Tom's own screensavers, and find other links as well).

BTW, you can find out more about Cool Pixels, and download the Cool Pixels development kit to create you own Cool Pixels screensavers from Chris Jeffrey's Cool Pixels development suite page.

Vrondi's Screensavers for Win 3.1 / Win95
Vrondi has two screensavers, with animation and optional sound. They're fun, and quite high quality. My only problem with them is that it's a bit hard to get them to go away when you want to get back to work.
Sadly, Vrondi's site seems no longer to exist, or at least certainly not at its previous address, but one of his screensavers is now available, FTP style. Click on the link below for direct download:
Download Vrondi's Screensaver 2 with Sound for Win 3.1 / Win95
If anybody knows of a new site address for Vrondi, please drop me a line xorys@idirect.ca

Xena UK - GabXantia and Xanthos' Site...Another one bites the dust! The old domain for this site, xantia.simplenet.com, no longer exists - if anyone knows of GabXantia and Xanthos' material being online anywhere else, please let me know.
Besides lots of other interesting stuff, this site has a whole page of screensavers: Flying Chakrams, Callisto, Gabby - Been There Done That, Subtext1 - Xena and Gabby from The Debt, Subtext2 - Xena and Gabby Sleeping from Been There Done That, and a cool Xena logo. I believe these screensavers only work under Win95.

Simon Taplin's Gabrielle / ROC Screensaver
This is a Gabby / ROC screensaver that Simon has created, for Win95 or NT. I haven't tried it myself (I know, I really should... I just always seem to be busy...)

If you have any comments, or problems, feel that other links should be on this page, feel that links shouldn't be on this page, or whatever, then please Email me at xorys@idirect.ca

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