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This is the home page of the XENADA mailing list.

The Xenada list is a meeting place for all Canadian Xenites - fans of the show Xena:Warrior Princess. The primary intent of the list is to let Canuck Xenites get to know each other and stay in contact, and to exchange X:WP related info of particular relevance to denizens of the frozen North. If you live in Canada and are under the spell of the Warrior Princess and her Bard then you're welcome, nay urged, to join.

The list is moderated, but only to enforce a few very basic rules: no binaries, no spam, no flames, nothing *too* raunchy, and no chain-letters or hoaxes. To clarify: only text messages may be posted to the list, no attached files of any kind; persistent and repetitive advertising of commercial enterprises is not allowed (announcements of X:WP related merchandise availability, websites, events etc. are fine and encouraged); abusive language directed at other members of the list will not be posted; the list is public and members vary in age and background, so don't get *too* carried away in exploring sexual themes and the like ;<} on the list; chain-letters, virus warnings and other non-Xenite hoax-like stuff will not be posted on the list. Anything else is fine.

You don't HAVE to be Canadian to join, but the point of the list is basically to link Canadian Xenites, so if you just want general Xena chat without the Canuck connection, you'd probably be better off joining one of the (myriad) other X:WP related lists. OTOH if you're not Canadian but you are going to be visiting Canada and would like to meet some other Xenites whilst you are here, by all means sign up and let us know when you are going to be in Canada and where you will be going.

The best way to find out what the XENADA list is like is to go ahead and join us. It won't cost you anything, and you can quit any time you like. So come on in, the waters fine. Or, as Xena would say, "Let's get wet!"

To subscribe, click on the link below:

Click to subscribe to XENADA

Any time you want to quit, go to Onelist and select the "User Center" function. After you enter your email address and your Onelist password, you will be shown a list of whatever Onelist lists you are subscribed to, and you can simply click on a link to unsubscribe.

Hope to see you soon on Xenada.

If you have questions that aren't answered here, and that you want to pose before you decide to join the list, feel free to email me pesonally at Also, email me at that address if you have any technical problems with the list.

Web Sites of the Xenadians!

Find out more about the members of the Xenada mailing list - visit the members' web sites! Some of these are Xena sites, some aren't. Some are personal pages, some are more related to organizations and activities. Find out what your fellow Canadian Xenites are into!

Click here for descriptions and links.
Updated 29th Sept. 1999!

And now, something new:
The Xenada T-Shirt!

Want something different to wear to Xenite gatherings? Something that really shows where you're coming from? Maybe you don't need to look any further! Check out the Xenada T-Shirt. This isn't a commercial venture - I just knocked it up for fun, but if you're interested in getting one, email me at and express your desire. BTW, the actual print on the shirt is a bit sharper than the image posted here, which lost a little in being compressed as a JPG.

First Xenada Get-Together in TO

Some of us denizens of Xenada who are resident in or about the great Megapolis of Toronto had a bit of a get together (our first) at Tracy's house on July 4th. If you think you're ready to see snapshots of Canadian Xenites at play, then click here to view some visuals.

More Pics of Canadian Xenites Partying

More photographic evidence... When some of us got together in my place in August, we didn't have much luck photographically - the digital camera wouldn't work, and the regular one ran out of film. When Mil (Lucyfer) threw a Halloween party, John was rather more successful at capturing some images. And then I've thrown in a couple of shots of my granddaughter dressed as Xena for Halloween, just because she looked cute. Click here to check out the pics...

Loki Q's Prize-Winning Amazon Outfit from Toronto Trek

Xenada member Loki Q from Quebec (who is also an ardent Trekker - Lt. Cmdr loQQIH vestai-tIqul I.S. Disciplinary and Second Officer, "Web" Mistress, IKV Se'rI'bUS') recently attended the Toronto Trek convention, and won a prize for her Amazon costume. Here is a pic she has been kind enough to send:

Bard Chats at The Palace

Updated August 9th '98

Dragonia has been kind enough to send me the logs she made of some of the recent Friday night bard chats at The Palace - to July 24th's with Bat Morda, and June 26th's with Missy Good, she has now added July 31st's with Joanna Sandsmark. Dragonia even sent along screen caps of each of the chats - you can see our very own John on the Bat Morda cap, and I was looking over his shoulder, but you can't see me ;<} Click on the thumbnails below to see the screen caps, and click on the bard's name to access the text transcript of the chat... Bard chats take place every Friday night at The Xena Palace, so drop by if you have a yen to commune with your favourite fanfic authors... For info on connecting to The Palace, check the Whoosh! XENA: WARRIOR PALACE page. Thanks again to Dragonia for providing these transcripts and caps for us all to enjoy!

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