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Below you will find links to credits for actors, writers and directors for all episodes of X:WP up to Little Problems, plus the HTLJ Xena Trilogy, sorted by actor/writer/director, by role and by episode name. Their accuracy and completeness is limited by the sources of information available to me and by my own competence (those darned ending credits are so hard to read, especially the way the TV stations scrunch them up in a little part of the screen - I hate that!)

I haven't included credits for ROC and LL playing Xena and Gab, since that would really be redundant, although I have included credits where LL and ROC play other roles. I checked all the credits for the first and second seasons against those given in Robert Weisbrot's Official Guide to the Xenaverse, and accepted his spellings, since it is an official guide, and hopefully he had them checked; the credits in the book, however, are considerably more limited than the final screen credits. Season three credits are the most doubtful, since it is harder to check them.

If you find any errors herein or can supply any additional information I would be very grateful if you would email me at xorys@idirect.ca.

Oh BTW - all the credits data pages are formatted as tables. I'm never too sure where I am with tables, since different browsers seem very inconsistent in how they display them - especially very large ones like these. The data pages, for example, look quite different in Netscape 3 and Internet Explorer 3, which are the only two browsers I have installed on my machine currently. So if you have problems, or see funny things viewing these pages, please let me know.

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