Web Sites of the Xenadians

O Xenada!
Our niche in cyber-space!
True Xenite love in all our postings trace.
On glowing screens we watch their scenes,
Our faith and hope restored,
B. G. S. B.
And leather clad, the Warrior and her Bard.
Preserve our show, Powers That Be,
Daft as can be, but full of subtlety.
O Xenada, we stand on guard for thee.

Find out more about the members of the Xenada mailing list - visit the members' web sites! Some of these are Xena sites, some aren't. Some are personal pages, some are more related to organizations and activities. Find out what your fellow Canadian Xenites are into! (Oh, and BTW, the descriptions of the sites are basically by their owners... )

Lady Bane's Domain *New* 11th July 1999 The homepage of Tracy / Spampy / Lady Bane: It's got alittle bit of everything. It's got poetry, short stories and plays that I've written over the years. It's also got a section on Schizophrenia, Info on me, and other assorted goodies. Xena to follow soon...
The Un-C**l page *New* 2nd July 1999 A little foray into the skull of one John W. Stuff about him and his cats, some links, and some Xena stuff. Possibly even some original fanfic.
Johinsa's site It's essentially a site for all the stories I've finished (twenty or so, plus some other people's) and, although it's not strictly a Xena site, I write mostly fantasy and sci-fi so if I do finish a Xena fic it'll be posted there.
Catherine Thompson / Fiáin Sound I'm in the midst of setting up a web page....It's still very much a work in progress......feel free to check it out! At the moment it is concerned with my music/dance connection, but I hope to add some fun stuff with Kendo info and links, maybe some outdoorsy things.........there could even be some Xena things!!!!!! Who Knows?!
Michelle Werlich's Site I had some gigantic problems publishing my pages, but I am now a presence on the Internet. I've spent all my evenings trying to fix my publishing problem, so my Danielle Cormack page isn't ready (hyperlinked) yet. I have a photo that Danielle autographed. And I'm still working on getting my Xena pages ready. If you're still interested in seeing what I've done, come visit me. By the way, I had several photos on my home page, so it takes awhile. I suspect this is typical beginner's folly! My Xena related items will be up shortly.
Striga's Xena Page A Xena site with Striga's 'Useless Xena lists,' (which includes such lists as 'all the items that Xena has put into her cleavage'), a 'Director and Writer Page' with listings for every episode, and the 'Pacific Northwest Xenites Page' with info specifically for the Pacific Northwest, including info about fests and Global TV listings for all of Canada.
Special Agent Jazz's Site Unfortunately, it's not much of a site since I haven't updated it since last year but I am trying to get out of my busy life to do so! As for a description, it's a personal page, I have two mailing lists pages on there but not much for now because I just started.
Scott Langman's Site I have Joxer and Gabrielle pages, plus pages for the shows Xena, Hercules, Star Trek: DS9/Voyager, and the X-Files. Scott W. Langman (Miltiades) Xenite/Joxerite/Tedite/Gabfan/ROCker... the list goes on...
Loki Q's Site My site is Klingon related. Of course it is more than just a Star Trek site, it tells of what we do for charities and community work. Loki, Amazon Warrior. Lt. Cmdr loQQIH vestai-tIqul I.S. Disciplinary and Second Officer "Web" Mistress, IKV Se'rI'bUS'
Page re Nikki Stafford's Book This isn't really my Web page or anything, but it's a page MaryD has put up for my book Lucy Lawless & Renée O'Connor: Warrior Stars of Xena.
Interview with Nikki at PNW Site This is an interview with me (and a terrible picture ;-} ) at the PNW site.
Nikki's publisher:
ECW Press
This is the company I work with. There are pages for both of my books there.
Adrienne Dandy's Site This is my web site. I've no idea how to describe it, other than to say that it's a reasonably accurate depiction of much of my life. {shrug}
Terry Fines' Site My Wee Virtual World, the online part of my life including Xena, Avro Arrow and other goodies! Visit the WVW!
Peter Smith (Stryper)'s Site The Xena site for anyone who's to lazy to check out the real ones. Consisting of Xena collages, laughable attempts at fan fic, artwork, and other such nonsense. But be warned, as this site has been linked to certain forms of brain cancer.
Carmen McDonald's XWP FF Page Carmi's Xena Page with fan-fiction and stuff...
One In A Mil Xena Page by Ms Mil Toro (Lucyfer) Fan fic stories and skits. *Very* subtext friendly. The skits are rated PG but most of the stories are for mature adult audiences {g}. Please read the disclaimers carefully.
Joanne Yip's Xena Page Description...... um.... got to think about it.... Xena , Xena, Xena, did I mention Xena? Opens 24 hours.... Xena web page....great links, games, and pics.
Pacific NorthWest Fan Club Site - President: Xena Torres Home of the Pacific Northwest Online Xena Fan Club! Check out the interviews, FULL episode transcripts, up-to-date info on the show and stars, appearances, and more!

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