My Historical Flutes

This page is basically just an index to a bunch of individual pages about some of my historical flutes - on those pages you'll find pictures of the flutes, and some discussion of how I came to acquire them (if it's at all interesting), how they are to play, what kind of repertoire they seem suited to, experiences I've had trying to put them into and keep them in playable condition, etc. All this will be interesting to you, I would imagine, mainly if you are either obsessively involved with old flutes (like me), or you are curious about the history of the flute (and perhaps interested in trying to play flutes of this type yourself...)

I'd love to hear from anyone else who has old flutes... to exchange care and maintenance tips, and playing experiences... or whatever (I just like to see other people's flutes, and hear about how they got them, and their experiences with them - I guess it's a bit like exchanging picture of one's grandchildren or something...) Also if you have any questions related to any of this - about the flutes themselves, or the history, or the music, or playing and learning... anything - please feel free to write to email me at

My Flutes

Click on the image or the link to go to the page for any of the flutes. The thumbnails are in approximately chronological order by the date of the flutes (the date of the original, in the case of modern reproductions).

Keyless Flutes - thumbnail Early French 1-Keyed Flutes - thumbnail Rottenburgh Flute - thumbnail
Keyless flutes (Renaissance (repro by 'Sweetheart') / Indian Bansuri) A pair of early 18th C French 1-keyed flutes (repro by Felix Raudonikas) 1-key flute by G.A.Rottenburgh (repro by Jean-Luc Boudreau)
One Keyed Flutes - thumbnail Plastic 1-Keyed Flutes - thumbnail Sweetheart Flute - thumbnail
1-keyed flutes (antique by Goulding & D'Almaine / repro by P.Gruar) Plastic 1-keyed flutes (repro by Aulos of Japan, after Stanesby Junior and ??) 1-key flute with 'corps de rechange' (repro by 'Sweetheart')
6-Keyed Potter Flute - thumbnail 6-Keyed Astor Flute - thumbnail Nicholson Improved Flute - thumbnail
6-keyed English flute (antique by William Henry Potter) 6-keyed English flute (antique by Astor & Co.) 8-keyed 'Nicholson Improved' flute (antique by Clementi & Co.)
5-Keyed Noblet Flute - thumbnail 8-Keyed German Flute - thumbnail
5-keyed French flute (antique by Denis Noblet L'Aîné) 8-keyed 19th C German flute (antique by ??)

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