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Welcome to my Early Music page! Well... 'early' music? Not very early, really. I mean, you'd think that 'early music' ought to be the music of the spheres, or something. Or at very least stone age music (very tempting to make a crack about 'rock bands' here...) Whereas actually my tastes and preoccupations in the area of music from before I was born tend to focus mainly around the eighteenth century - not very long ago at all... quite 'modern' music really. Still...

My interests wander around in all sorts of other areas as well, both musically and extra-musically (see my other web pages, for example)... but, whilst I'm not entirely clear exactly *what* may end up here, the focus is definitely on music from the eighteenth century (spilling, perhaps, a little both before and after). More specifically my areas of interest tend to be Historically Informed Performance (HIP) and historical flutes (since that's what I mainly play myself... apart from fiddling around with electronic stuff, and playing keyboards, up to a point). And perhaps I should make very clear before I go any further, that I am most definitely an amateur in every sense of the word when it comes to music - my talents are limited and my education is mostly informal (although I have had the opportunity to benefit from excellent teachers at times... and I thank them for their devotion and their patience).

Anyway... here are a couple of my 'babies':

More on them elsewhere and later, probably (I really have to try and take some better photographs, for one thing...)

So... what *is* going to be on this page? Well... for one thing, some sheet music - arrangements I've done of pieces I'm fond of for unaccompanied flute. I spend a lot of time tootling away on my own... and when I *do* get to play with other people, it tends to be other flautists. So, whilst I play, naturally, the stuff really written for my instrument (sonatas for flute and bass, the flute parts from various other works), I also like to play other things, and I've created a whole bunch of music to help me do so, plus a few pieces for two or more flutes, to play with friends. I can't put all the stuff up here right away, since it's been done over the years in a variety of formats, and I have to convert it to suitable graphics for the web... but I'll start with a few representative odds and ends, and if anyone seems interested, I'll add more as we go along.

What else? Well, I've done lots of fiddling around making MIDI versions of the music I like as well, so I may put some MIDI files up here. I'm not quite sure how worthwhile this is though - there's already lots of classical MIDI available on the web (talking of which, I must definitely add a links page here). And, of course, the problem with MIDI is the results will sound so different to different folks, depending what they use to play the files back with. Still, I think I will put up a MIDI page here, with a bit of chit-chat about my own experiences with MIDI and old music, and some sample files, especially ones that might not be so common. One handy use of MIDI, of course, takes us back to the subject of my previous paragraph - MIDI files can be very useful to practice with if you don't have the opportunity to play with real accompanist very often. Certainly the only way I'm ever likely to get to play the solo part in a flute concerto is with my computer accompanying me! And accordingly works with flute parts tend to be prominent amongst the MIDI I've done (although I have done lots of stuff that doesn't involve flute, too).

I'm not going to put any actual audio files up here - that is to say, sound recordings to listen to (as opposed to MIDI files, which, for the uninitiated, basically just store a form of notation rather than actual sound, and hence are much smaller, but can sound very different when played back). Audio recordings just take too much space for the account I'm putting this page up in (and would probably annoy my service provider, anyhow). However, if you're interested, you can hear some of my MIDI realisations as they sound played on my own equipment, since I signed up as an 'artist' on MP3.COM - visit my page there for some recordings in MP3 format (currently a few pieces by J. S. Bach and one of Mozart's Flute Quartets).

And... I would like to put up a page about my flutes themselves, with some pictures, and a bit about their history. And maybe some discussion about their care and feeding. I'd certainly be very interested in hearing from anyone else who has old flutes... to exchange care and maintenance tips, and playing experiences... or whatever (I just like to see other people's flutes, and hear about how they got them, and their experiences with them - I guess it's a bit like exchanging picture of one's grandchildren or something... talking of which, my granddaughter may yet find her way onto this page somewhere - she's already on one of my other sites).

Well... that seems to have sort of mapped out plenty for me to do here! If you have any comments, questions or suggestions at all, feel free to email me at xorys@idirect.ca.

And now to the actual content... but please bear with me - it will probably be a while before all the things mentioned above are actually in place.


Sheet Music
Arrangements of popular 18th Century airs (well... ones I like, anyhow), for unaccompanied flute(s).

*** Added two pieces after clavier sonatas by C.P.E. Bach March 22nd, 2005

My Flutes
Pictures and chit-chat about some of the various "old" flutes I have - actual antiques and reproductions of flutes, mostly from the 18th or early 19th century. This will probably be mostly of interest either to people with an obsessive involvement with old flutes (like me ;-}) or perhaps to folks who are just curious about historical flutes.

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